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The Sign Moak
The Sign Moak XIV 3-2015

15.10 Published the new issue of The Sign Moak, the house organ dedicated to our partners and to people who loves the world of coffee.

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Awards ceremony 2014 contests

On Saturday, October 11th, the winners of the 13th Caffè Letterario edition as well as the 1st Fuori Fuoco edition, contests promoted by Caffè Moak, were proclaimed. Paola Maugeri presented the event.

Watch the prize giving video

Caffè Letterario Moak 2015
Caffè Letterario Moak national narration contest

The announcement of the 14th edition of Caffè Letterario Moak, national narration contest promoted by Caffè Moak in cooperation with Archinet, has been published. This year, Moak wanted to recall the well-known and eclectic writer and Italian partisan Italo Calvino, celebrating his 30th death anniversary.

Fuori Fuoco Moak 2015
concorso internazionale di fotografia Fuori Fuoco Moak

The 2nd edition of Fuori Fuoco Moak, international photography contest promoted by Caffè Moak, in cooperation with Archinet, is about to start. Young photographers and successful artists will have to be inspired by feelings, not by a topic.