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Coffee Beans 100% Arabica India Old Kent 500gr

Speciality Coffee
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Roasted coffee bean blend composed of refined Arabica varieties



On the trip leading us to Madikeri, the Indian region of Coorg – one of the 25 biodiversity hot spots of the world – we are fascinated by the lush forest winding through coffee plantations. Here, the refined Arabica plants grow under the shade of eucalyptus, teak and impressive rosewoods. We reach the Old Kent, a reserve develop in 1800 thanks to Mr. Wright which is nowadays run by the Thaikappa family, who keeps on producing an excellent variety of Arabica with the same passion and great care in the processing methods.
Variety: Arabica Selection 795
Processing method: Washed/sun-dried
Harvest time: November- March
Elevation: 900 – 1,700 meters
Profile in cup
This Arabica variety features a slight acidity. Strong notes of spices and citrus fruits, with a pleasant aftertaste of cinnamon and orange.