Marco Poidomani Italian Champion Barmen Coffee and Good Spirits

25.01 Marco Poidomani is Italian Champion of Coffee in Good Spirits 2017, the national competition of drinks made with coffee promoted by SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) held during the 38th Sigep event in Rimini last Tuesday. Marco Poidomani, SCA trainer and responsible for >strong>Moak People Training, training school of the Moak Group, won the first prize with his Irish Coffee - including espresso, Akashi whisky, sugar obtained from grapes and a German organic cream – and the preparation of two alcoholic drinks made with coffee extracted with Chemex method, Cardamaro, sugar obtained from tangerines, mulberry marmalade, drops of hang jin root coming from the Yellow Mountains in China, and white tea infusion. An impeccable performance as for technique and sensory balance, using 9.26 minutes of 10 given by the contest, which allowed him to finish earlier than the other four barmen competing for the final.
Marco Poidomani, aged 41 and originally from Modica (Sicily), started his career at a very young age and specialised over the time by following different training courses: Barman AIBES (Italian Association of Barmen and Supporters), SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe). He has been the first Sicilian authorized trainer recognised by SCAE (nowadays SCA), and also obtained the Coffee Diploma System certification. He has been responsible for cafeteria, profession barman, latte at and SCAE courses with Moak People Training for 17 years.
“This victory – the new Italian champion says –is the professional achievement I have been pursuing for years. My passion, the hard work and continuous research and study of the constantly changing sector gave me the opportunity to achieve important results in my career. However, this prize makes me particularly proud, above all in the eyes of my children Giorgio and Ilaria, and my wife Valeria, who supported me, while I was sacrificing time that I should have spent with them. I would like to dedicate this victory to them. I cannot but share such important result with my second family: Giovanni, Alessandro and Annalisa Spadola, the Moak team as well as the MPT team, especially Giovanni Peligra, for the support, faith and help they gave me and keep on showing me. And finally, special thanks to my coach Andrea Lattuada and the contest team Davide Cavaglieri and Mariano Semino”.

“Marco Poidomani’s success – says a touched Giovanni Spadola, President and founder of Caffè Moak – is also our success. I still remember when I first met him as he was working in his aunt’s bar. He must have been about thirteen, and I saw something promising in him. Some year after I offered him to join Moak. This award touches me even more because of some coincidence: the bar Marco worked in was the first customer of Moak, he entered the company when my son Alessandro joined, and his victory arrives together with Moak’s 50th anniversary. Best wishes to Marco, also on behalf of Moak, and good luck for the next landmark, as he will not only represent our brand, but also all Italian barmen”.

Marco Poidomani will represent Italy during the World Coffee in Good Spirits held in Budapest next June. National champions of over 50 countries worldwide will attend the mentioned international championship.

In primo piano

Caffè Letterario 2016
letterario 2016

28.06 With more than 300 short stories arrived from all over Italy, the 15th edition confirms its annual success. Announcement is closed, and now we just wait for the outcome of the panel to see who is going to step on the podium. Cinzia Tani, a woman, will preside over the panel this year.

Moak at Taobuk 2016

01.09 Moak partner of Taobuk 2016, the International Book Festival, which will be held on September 10-17 in Taormina. Coffee will be, once again, an occasion to talk about art and literature. Together with the Grand Hotel Timeo, Moak is going to host some of the events scheduled for September 14th.

Fuori Fuoco 2017

22.07 Laura Seraniwill preside over the 2017 edition of Moak’s international photography contest Fuori Fuoco. Laura lives in Paris, where she has been “Présidente du Jury at the Prix Résidence pour la Photographie de la Fondation des Treilles” – director of the panel for photography at Fondation Les Treilles – since 2015.