Moak joins the Feltrinelli bookstores with mymusic coffee

10.06 Coffee not only to drink, but also to listen to. It is called “mymusic coffee”, the new serving project presented in Milan at the Feltrinelli megastore in Piazza Piemonte. Having formed a liaison between musical notes and the aromatic ones of coffee, Moak created a capsule and pad product line, including an additional pretext: promote young Italian bands.

No coincidence, as it is also confirmed in the medical field: English psychologist Charles Spence from Oxford University recently showed that sounds enhance and change flavours of food and beverages. To the same extent, due to its aromatic and sensory features, a coffee blend is able to recall a music genre. There are six mymusic coffee blends, six music genres and six bands selected by someone that knows about music: Paola Maugeri, historical face of MTV and speaker of Virgin Radio. Each box – in the three formats capsule, fap and pad – includes a dynamic “my selection” QR-Code pointing at the section of the chosen blend, launching a player that reproduces the whole song of the chosen band.

Special Partner is laFeltrinelli Group, which will host the new corners dedicated to lovers of coffee and good music in Italy’s bookstores from now on. A partnership that formalises the historical and thousand-year old bond between coffee and literature. However, there is even more that connects them: Italianity, two companies that still enhance the importance of a family-run business, common passion for culture and Bob Noorda, same father of the two brands.

In primo piano

Caffè Letterario 2016
letterario 2016

28.06 With more than 300 short stories arrived from all over Italy, the 15th edition confirms its annual success. Announcement is closed, and now we just wait for the outcome of the panel to see who is going to step on the podium. Cinzia Tani, a woman, will preside over the panel this year.

Moak at Taobuk 2016

01.09 Moak partner of Taobuk 2016, the International Book Festival, which will be held on September 10-17 in Taormina. Coffee will be, once again, an occasion to talk about art and literature. Together with the Grand Hotel Timeo, Moak is going to host some of the events scheduled for September 14th.

Fuori Fuoco 2017

22.07 Laura Seraniwill preside over the 2017 edition of Moak’s international photography contest Fuori Fuoco. Laura lives in Paris, where she has been “Présidente du Jury at the Prix Résidence pour la Photographie de la Fondation des Treilles” – director of the panel for photography at Fondation Les Treilles – since 2015.