23.06 iMoak will never leave you alone.
Right from the morning, one of the funny alarms of the cup-alarm clock will help you starting the day under the sign of a good mood.
If you feel like wanting a really special coffee wherever you are, you just need to access our coffee locator and you will be lead to the nearest bar, where you can taste Aromatic: the blend Moak reserves to its most demanding customers.
And when the night falls, one of the “stories about coffee”, the anthology that comes after the “Caffè Letterario Moak” (Moak Short Story Competition), will keep you company till you feel sleepy.

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In primo piano


Основните етапи при производството на кафе –от преработката до дегустацията, ще бъдат графично изобразени на новите пакетчета захар на МОАК.

Moak Short Film

Наградата за най-добър филм на 12-я пореден международен конкурс за късометражен филм Corto Moak бе присъдена на "Un sapore Antico" (Удоволствие от древноста) на Енцо Фераро благодарение на оригинална

Short Film contest Moak 2013

The VIII “Caffè Corto Moak” Edition, the International short-film contest promoted by Caffè Moak in cooperation with Archinet, is about to start.