MOTYKA for the Greeks, MOTUCA for the Romans, Mohac for the Arabs. The Sicilian city of Modica was part of the greatest civilizations during its thousand-year history. Indeed, in 1967, when the coffee roasting and distribution company was founded in Modica, new and old at the same time, the Arabs - "discoverers" and avid coffee drinkers – wanted to be recalled. From that moment on, MOAK made only progresses, in terms of size, quality and brand prestige. This is a small chapter in the great history of coffee culture.
The short story of a long tradition. This is MOAK, the coffee you like.

The passion for coffee drives Giovanni Spadola to open a small coffee roasting plant, Caffè Moak, in Modica Alta (the old part of the town) next to his family house. He uses a 15 kg Petroncini roasting machine and is joined by a co-worker.

The company moves from the small plant measuring 50 m2 to a bigger one of 100 m2, still in Modica Alta. As orders grow, a 30 kg Petroncini roasting machine is bought, followed by a 120 kg model.

Direct import of the best coffee qualities from Africa, India and South America begins.

Thanks to continuous growth, Giovanni Spadola decides to build new premises in Via Resistenza Partigiana. Offices, production and warehouse take up an area of 500 square metre. Production increases and Moak employs 10 workers.

A 240 kg Petroncini roasting machine is introduced in production.

A complete renewal of machinery takes place, so that the company can keep up with the steady and exponential production increase. At the same time, the company's complex is extended to 2500 m2.

The second generation Spadola joins the company: Alessandro takes Moak into the larger Italian markets and also abroad, reaching all 5 continents.

Two years after, also Annalisa Spadola joins Caffè Moak covering the role as Marketing & Communication Responsible. The original Caffè Moak brand gets a restyling that is still representing the distinctive company features today, such as the white, red and black colours. Moreover, this year the company website is launched, offering news and curiosities on the most famous bean in the world.

Moak launches its first calendar. The first of a long series, characterized by irony as well as intense concepts, turning a communication tool into a real yearly appointment awaited by everyone.

Moak opens the Espressa branch in order to offer a more and more complete service to its clients. The experience gained in more than 30 years takes shape in this new brand, in order to develop an Espresso machine line able to offer high-end standards, both in terms of final product and easy use and maintenance.

The company obtains the ISO 9001 certification, which certifies the company’s high-quality standards.

Thanks to the environmental management system, Moak achieves the ISO 14001 certification. Moreover, a new branch is opened in Milan to better manage the increasing export activities.

Moak promotes a narrative competition entitled Caffè Letterario Moak. A yearly appointment for young talents and well-known writers inspired by the beloved dark drink.

Moak acquires the company Americaff from Marsala and strengthens its position in the GDO line. The company becomes a S.p.A.

After the successful Caffè Letterario Moak, the company launches Corto Moak, an international short-film competition for young Italian and foreign directors. This same year, Moak corners the Chinese market. A ‘Moak Corner’ – the first coffee shop in China - is inaugurated in Beijing. The company is already present in Taiwan and Taipei and will contribute to spread the culture of real Italian espresso in the Asian markets.

Moak commits Bob Noorda to restyle the company brand. The new logo and corporate image created by the great Dutch designer, in continuity with the original distinctive features of the company image, which helped spreading the true cult of real Espresso Coffee all over the world, moves the Moak brand forward into the future towards international markets.

Moak inaugurates its new base, an architectural complex measuring 3,200 m2 on 2 floors as for the administration, while 5500 m2 are dedicated to production, including a staff of 90 people. The same year, Moak presents the new cup designed by for[me]moak, which determines the brand’s new identity. It’s a significant year: the company obtains the Fairtrade certification, hallmark of fair trading, as well as the one of organic coffee production, acknowledged by Ecogruppo Italia. Moak’s success in Italy and abroad as well as the one of founder Giovanni Spadola is also acknowledged by “Capital30”, the golden book of Italian entrepreneurship that awards ninety businessmen, who marked the success of made in Italy.

Moak captures new markets. The company arrives in the United States. In the same year, thanks to new business agreements, the company increases its presence in Asia. The Moak brand enters the Shangri-La luxury hotel chain, capturing the market of the Philippines. Also, Moak becomes partner of Aiap (Italian Association for the Development of Visual Communication). A partnership that projects the company into new entrepreneurial synergies.

The interest in the Moak brand increases abroad. The company captures the United Arab Emirates with a new distribution net. The attention to design and sustainability once again award Caffè Moak, being acknowledged by Christmust , the famous monography under the Patronage of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, as one of the 100 made in Italy companies with great attention to innovation and respect for the environment. The projects Paper ball and Sugar[not]Free show it. The first one is the eco-friendly packaging with sustainable design: a pad box turns into spheres to be decorated (paper balls) , while protagonists of the second one are sugar sachets, drawn by designer Dario Quatrini, which depict a small and short story about the main stages of coffee.

After the certifications of organic and fair trade coffee, Moak also achieves the kosher certification, which guarantees that coffee meets the particular Jewish food regulations deriving from the Torah (Jewish bible). An additional guarantee seal improving quality in respect of the environment and consumers. In the same year, the company invests in renewable energy in support of a green economy, installing a photovoltaic system that covers the entire plant with its 1620 modules and is able to produce about 530.000 kWh on a yearly basis. The attention to design is also acknowledged by ADI (Industrial Design Association), the institution that established the “Golden Compass”, the most distinguished global design award, whose Moak becomes partner.

In primo piano


The main stages of coffee, from processing to tasting, will be graphic feature of the new Moak sugar sachets. Dario Quatrini, industrial designer and Aiap member, is the winner of the Sugar[not]free competition

Moak Short Film

Prize for the best short-film of the 12th Corto Moak edition, the International Short-film competition, was won by “Un piacere antico” (An old pleasure) by Enzo Ferraro, thanks to the originality he

Short Film contest Moak 2013

The VIII “Caffè Corto Moak” Edition, the International short-film contest promoted by Caffè Moak in cooperation with Archinet, is about to start.