2004 Campaign

Qui pro quo (something for something).

The campaign develops in three parts using animals and cups of coffee as the main characters: a bee takes a cup of coffee for honey due to its sweetness; a chameleon that does not manage to get the colours of the coffee cup; finally, a dog and a cup of coffee: the first standing for man’s best friend, the second for barman's best friend.

Tazza ape Tazza camaleonte Tazza cane

In primo piano


The main stages of coffee, from processing to tasting, will be graphic feature of the new Moak sugar sachets. Dario Quatrini, industrial designer and Aiap member, is the winner of the Sugar[not]free competition

Moak Short Film

Prize for the best short-film of the 12th Corto Moak edition, the International Short-film competition, was won by “Un piacere antico” (An old pleasure) by Enzo Ferraro, thanks to the originality he

Short Film contest Moak 2013

The VIII “Caffè Corto Moak” Edition, the International short-film contest promoted by Caffè Moak in cooperation with Archinet, is about to start.